Greenwich Step Down Accommodation

Our latest project in South London


Background & Context

Step down accommodation is a type of supported living for people that have been discharged from hospital, but are not yet ready to live completely independently.

The tenants may have physical or mental health issues that need a little extra support and recuperation time with a view to return home once the tenant feels able.

...a little extra support and recuperation time


We received a detailed specification to find a suitable property for South London tenants who are taking the next step back towards complete independence.

This was to be a large, multi room property, where tenants have their own private bedrooms as well as sufficient space for communal life such as relaxation and cooking / eating together. There would also need be space for a staff area, and CCTV for increased safety of the tenants.

...the property

As with all of our properties, the involvement and input of all relevant parties is essential to the success of our projects. We visited the property alongside care professionals to assess suitability and where any changes might be needed.

Property Features:

  • Brand new appliances
  • 9 x bedrooms
  • Several bathrooms (one ground floor)
  • Staff area
  • CCTV
  • 3 x living/recreational areas
  • External bungalow
  • Large kitchen/diner
  • Gated access
  • Private parking

This enormous property has now been adapted to include a large, ground level and easy to access bathroom. This future proofs the property for any tenants that may need additional turning space, or have difficulty in confined spaces.

...step down

This property will be primarily used for mental health step down accommodation. The property is bright and spacious, with ample space for tenants to relax. Externally there is a paved and enclosed patio garden backing onto the floor to ceiling window doors of the rear living room. steps

At Mersten, the needs and rights of our tenants are always paramount, and though the construction may be complete, the story continues. We can't wait to catch up with how the property looks when it's furnished!

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