Case Study: Gateshead Bungalow

Commissioner led project for 3 individuals


Background & Context

Earlier this year we met with with Gateshead Commissioner, Steve Morgan, who highlighted to us the extensive demand for Supported Living properties within the Gateshead area. The Local Authority focuses on enabling choice for vulnerable people with regards to where they live and who they live with.

The Local Authority have recently introduced a new Independent Supported Living scheme.

In line with Mersten's own values, the Adult Social Care Commissioners are keen to make a change, and work with innovative new partners to improve the lives of those most in need.

...Meeting demand

We received a detailed specification to find a suitable
property for 3 tenants in their early twenties who needed to
take the next step towards independence by moving into their own home.

At Mersten, we believe that every home is individual, and as such we ask for detailed specification for each individual resident. The specification included being single story, 3 bedrooms, open plan, turning space, ensuites, wetrooms, a secure garden to relax in, kitchen diner and within close proximity of their families, hospitals, shops and other amenities. All 3 tenants use wheelchairs or mobility aids, have a Learning Disability requiring 24/7 support.

The search for the right property had been ongoing for at least 18 months with no success, however our Acquisitions team found the potential perfect property just 3 days after the requirement was received.

I am pleased that the finished product meets all of my recommendations and very grateful for the ongoing communication with yourself ensuring all of the tenants' needs are met. The adaptations provide an appropriate environment for the young men to transition into supported independent living.

Cheryl Chatsworth
Occupational Therapist

...Inclusion and consultation

As with all of our properties, the involvement and input of all relevant parties is essential to the success of our projects. We visited the bungalow with the assigned Occupational Therapist and social workers to assess suitability. Further visits with families followed, highlighting areas for improvements to be made which required. Ongoing communication and the support of the Occupational Therapist was key to a positive outcome for the project.

As always, consultation took place at every stage with the Commissioner, Occupational Therapist, families and Housing Benefit officials to ensure the scheme and rent levels were supported and viable.

It’s great that we are working closely with family to achieve such positive outcomes for the 3 individuals. I was at the bungalow yesterday and the transformations are excellent.

Steve Morgan
Gateshead Commissioner

...Partnership approach

With a policy of open communication and consultation, colleagues in Mersten are available to provide support at every stage of our schemes. In this case, Local Authority partners worked closely with us to ensure the scheme was delivered successfully and early engagement with our housing partner provided the expertise needed for Housing Benefit discussions. Specialist support from our contractors ensured we delivered a high quality specification in a timely manner.

...Our priority

The needs of the residents of Mersten projects are, and always will be our priority. We believe that we have delivered an exceptional property which the three residents can call home for many years to come.

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